With a coastline of almost 1,600 km, offshore Namibia oil exploration has become highly attractive in recent years for Major companies.

Namibia’s attractive oil prospects and favourable fiscal incentives have attracted a wealth of oil majors including TotalEnergies, Galp, Shell, QatarEnergy, Chevron, and ExxonMobil.

In the Walvis Basin the Wingat-1 discovery, drilled by HRT in 2013, which encountered rich oil-bearing source rocks, recovering light and sweet crude oil. And in the Orange Basin two multi-billion barrel discoveries made in 2022 by Shell and TotalEnergies, have led to an increasing amount of exploration and appraisal drilling activity in 2023.

In Namibia, Eco holds Operatorship and an 85% Working Interest in four offshore Petroleum Licences: PELs: 97, 98, 99, and 100, representing a combined area of 28,593 km2 in the Walvis Basin. Please explore the tables to learn more about each licence.

License NameLicense No.Block SizeBlock referenceBasinWorking Interest
CooperPEL975,788 Km2Block 2012AWalvisOperator – 85% WI
SharonPEL985,700 Km2Block 2213WalvisOperator – 85% WI
GuyPEL9911,457 Km2Blocks 2111B & 2211AWalvisOperator – 85% WI
TamarPEL1005,648 Km2Blocks 2211B & 2311AWalvisOperator – 85% WI

The Cooper Block (PEL 97) is situated in shallow water (100-500m) within the Walvis Basin offshore Namibia and covers approximately 5,788 km2.

Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas is currently focused on further defining the Osprey Lead, an 882 million barrel Aptian/Albian source fed oil target within a sand filled channel system, in the cretaceous sequence, with the mature oil window located in approximately 300 m of water.

Licence PartnersPercentage Interest
Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas (Operator)85%
Tangi Trading Enterprise cc5%

Cooper Block Summary

Area5,788 km2
Water depth100m to 500m
Licence terms5 years + 2 renewal terms of 2 years, each term extendable by one year.
Recent developments1,100 km2 3D survey completed

Environmental Permits have been submitted for approval to drill the Osprey Well
TargetUpper Cretaceous Clastics
Aptian/Albian fan/channel
Lower Cretaceous Carbonates
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