Written by: Nicholas Nhede

The Angolan Oil and Gas Service Companies Association (AECIPA) and the Namibian Association for Offshore Oil and Gas Service Providers (NAOGSP) have inked an agreement to cooperate on strengthening the oil and gas industries of their respective countries. Under the terms of the deal, AECIPA and NAOGSP will cooperate on various areas including intensifying economic and commercial benefits for their members; industry information sharing; research and development of new technologies and business cases; regulatory compliance; and the exchange of market trends.

Knowledge Ipinge, the Founder of NAOGSP, stated that, “NAOGSP is keen to collaborate with AECIPA to cultivate a mutually advantageous relationship. By synchronizing our efforts, we can reveal opportunities and tackle shared challenges in oil and gas services.”

The agreement is expected to foster the expansion of the Angolan and Namibian energy sectors by facilitating the exploration and realization of investment opportunities within both industries.

Additionally, the collaboration aims to promote the exchange of best practices to drive technological advancements among industry stakeholders and enhance their ability to navigate evolving market trends. The partnership will ensure industry alignment with shifting environmental regulations and local energy policies for sustainable development.

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