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Namibia’s government has taken a proactive approach in promoting collaboration between oil and gas giants TotalEnergies and Shell, alongside BW Energy, operator of the Kudu gas project. In a bid to efficiently harness the vast potential of the natural gas reserves discovered in the prolific Orange basin, the government is actively facilitating a joint development plan.

Over the past 20 months, TotalEnergies and Shell, as the two supermajors, have made significant discoveries in the deepwater section of the basin. Together, they have identified a staggering 8.7 trillion cubic feet of gas complemented by billions of barrels of oil. This bountiful find signifies a game-changing opportunity for Namibia’s energy sector.

The government’s collaborative initiative aims to bring together the respective strengths and expertise of all three entities involved. By combining the technical capabilities and resources of TotalEnergies, Shell, and BW Energy, the joint development plan seeks to optimize the extraction and utilization of these valuable resources.

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