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The Namibian Association for Offshore Oil and Gas Service Providers (NAOGSP) is poised to hold its inaugural board meeting in Walvis Bay on Saturday.

NAOGSP, a newly formed industry association representing Namibian offshore oil and gas service providers, is dedicated to fostering collaboration, facilitating knowledge exchange, and promoting business development among its members, thereby optimizing its contribution to the country’s offshore oil and gas sector.

According to Knowledge Ipinge, the founder of NAOGSP, the inaugural board meeting will also mark the official inception of the recently established association.

The existence of NAOGSP first came to light when the association signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Angolan Oil and Gas Service Companies Association (AECIPA) during the Oil and Gas Conference in Windhoek earlier this year.

The agreement established a cooperative institutional structure that aims to promote bilateral collaboration between the two entities.

At the time, Ipinge said that the MoU would bring together service businesses from Angola and Namibia to forge strong and profitable connections in the oil and gas sector.

He added that the MoU would also strengthen economic and commercial cooperation, as AECIPA and NAOGSP work together to promote and facilitate economic and commercial partnerships among their respective members.

Ipinge explained that this collaboration includes exploring joint investment opportunities, fostering business partnerships, and encouraging knowledge exchange.

The agreement outlines that both parties will develop channels for exchanging important industry-related information, such as best practices, technological breakthroughs, and regulatory updates in the field.

AECIPA and NAOGSP are committed to enhancing their members’ capacities and competencies through knowledge exchange. They also pledged to collaborate on research initiatives, share research findings, and explore joint research projects to address common challenges and identify innovative solutions.

Additionally, both organizations committed to actively sharing market trends, such as supply and demand dynamics, price patterns, and new prospects in the oil and gas sector.

Ipinge stressed that sharing information would assist their members in making more informed business decisions and capitalizing on prospective development areas.

During the signing ceremony in August, the chairperson of AECIPA, Braulio de Brito, expressed his enthusiasm for the newly formed partnership and pledged the association’s enduring commitment to assisting Namibia in the growth of its oil and gas industry.

De Brito stressed the significance of this collaboration and expressed AECIPA’s eagerness to work with NAOGSP to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Both organizations expressed confidence that the MoU would stimulate increased collaboration in the oil and gas sector, benefiting their respective members and contributing significantly to the overall growth, development, and mutual benefits of the industry.

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