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Namibia’s green hydrogen pilot projects have focused on the creation of a green hydrogen village, a production plant, green schemes and a fertiliser plant.

Mbumba was speaking during his first Cabinet address in Windhoek yesterday.

He outlined his economic agenda and emphasised the need to commit to economic development.

“Our country is back on the positive trajectory of economic recovery in various sectors, particularly agriculture, mining, fisheries, tourism, oil and gas and green energy.

I am, therefore, urging the responsible government ministries in the sectors that I have just mentioned to start implementing all pending programmes to fast-track economic development and create employment opportunities for our people, particularly the youth.”

Mbumba also highlighted recent positive economic indicators, including surpassing pre-pandemic growth levels and a projected gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 3,4% for 2024.

“Over the festive season, many of us directly witnessed that Namibia experienced one of the best inflows of domestic, international and regional tourists, with large numbers coming from the Southern African Development Community region. On the energy front, green hydrogen is set to play a major role in the transformation of the Namibian economy,” said Mbumba.

He emphasised the promising oil discoveries and the importance of Namibian participation through the Welwitschia Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Mbumba further addressed concerns about corruption in the energy sector and assured citizens of continued efforts to promote accountability and transparency.

“Some of our citizens have expressed concerns regarding corruption in the budding energy sector.

Let me assure all Namibians that in line with our government’s clear resolve to promote accountability and transparency, we will continue to strengthen the policy measures aimed to fight corruption,” said Mbumba.

He called upon law enforcement agencies, the judiciary and citizens to collaborate in keeping Namibia corruption-free.

Mbumba also pledged to uphold president Hage Geingob’s social contract with Namibians, prioritising project execution and serving the interests of all citizens.

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