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Nigeria and Namibia embark on a landmark collaboration to enhance the Namibian oil and gas sector, setting a precedent for Africa-to-Africa cooperation.

In a significant step towards fostering Africa-to-Africa cooperation in the energy sector, Nigeria and Namibia have embarked on a promising collaboration aimed at bolstering the Namibian oil and gas industry. This landmark meeting, held on the sidelines of the Nigeria International Energy Summit in Abuja, brought together key figures from both nations to explore avenues for mutual growth and knowledge exchange in the oil and gas domain.

At the heart of this engagement were PETAN Chairman, Mr. Nicolas Odinuwe, and Vice Chairman, Mr. Ranti Omole, who facilitated the dialogue with the Namibian Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon. Tom Alweendo, and Petroleum Commissioner, Mrs. Maggy Shino.

The Namibian delegation’s objective was clear: to tap into Nigeria’s rich experience in the oil sector, seeking guidance and partnership opportunities that could enhance their country’s burgeoning energy industry. Nigeria’s Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, welcomed the initiative, promising to share the lessons learned from Nigeria’s journey to help Namibia avoid similar pitfalls and maximize its oil and gas potential.

Senator Lokpobiri stressed the importance of local content, a principle that has revolutionized Nigeria’s oil and gas industry by fostering indigenous participation and capacity building. He pointed to Nigeria’s Local Content Act as a blueprint that Namibia could adapt to ensure that its oil and gas discoveries translate into tangible benefits for its citizens.

The discussions also covered strategic areas such as offshore exploration commitments, joint venture agreements, and the adoption of technologies to enhance production efficiency and accountability. Lokpobiri’s advice underscored the significance of a well-thought-out approach to partnership and technology in achieving sustainable development in the oil and gas sector.

Envisioning a Future of African Energy Self-Sufficiency

The commitment to Africa-to-Africa cooperation was a recurring theme, with Lokpobiri highlighting the strategic importance of focusing on the continent’s market to maximize the value addition of oil and gas resources.

He criticized the prevailing model of exporting raw materials at the expense of local value creation, suggesting instead that African nations should aim for in-country refining to retain more value within the continent. The meeting concluded with a gesture of goodwill, as gifts were exchanged and the promise of continued support and partnership echoed through the halls of the NNPC Towers.

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