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President Nangolo Mbumba has called upon leaders in the southern regions to prioritize education for their youth, emphasizing the importance of higher education in preparation for the burgeoning green hydrogen and oil and gas sectors set to flourish in southern Namibia.

Mbumba’s appeal follows concerns raised by Namibia Green Hydrogen Council Chairperson, Obeth Kandjoze, regarding the underrepresentation of //Kharas and Hardap regions in the green hydrogen scholarship program.

“Being a teacher, our children must not be happy that they have Standard 8, 9 or 10. They must study. This thing that we are talking about, green hydrogen and oil and gas, is not for people who only look after domestic animals. It is going to demand engineers,” Mbumba said.

Addressing traditional leaders from Hardap and //Karas regions during his official state visit to the south at the Schuetzenhaus Hotel, Mbumba emphasised the need for Namibians, particularly locals, to take the lead in these industries.

“Don’t stop the children from studying at all levels. We must ensure that they have access to specialised training programs tailored for these sectors,” he urged.

Mbumba highlighted the availability of a special fund dedicated to supporting students pursuing engineering, oil and gas, and geology courses, ensuring that they are equipped to contribute meaningfully to these industries and their communities.

Kandjoze recently announced plans by the government to establish a customised Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program for the southern regions, aimed at enhancing local capacity and creating employment opportunities.

Additionally, Mbumba urged local traditional leaders to assert their needs to companies operating in these sectors, advocating for mutually beneficial agreements that prioritise community development.

“We have the energy of the future. When they start coming to our regions, you must tell them, we need this to be done and done properly for the benefit of our children. You are the holders of the land; you are the traditional authority. Speak for your people,” Mbumba said.

During his visit to Lüderitz, Mbumba engaged with the town council management, government officials, and local business leaders to discuss anticipated development projects in the area.

Mbumba reiterated the potential for economic independence through these projects, underscoring the importance of leveraging local resources and opportunities for the benefit of the community.

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